The key to having a healthy home environment is to get rid of mold and mildew. Mold is quite a pervasive and powerful allergen that could be inhaled in visible form, airborne spores. Usually, cleaning mold may involve some harsh chemicals that are responsible for causing allergic reactions or triggering asthma attacks. Vital Oxide is among the safest and most effective solutions for mold removal, green cleaning, odor control, and broad-spectrum disinfection.

How Vital Oxide works?

There are two primary ways that vital Oxide kills germs. It alters certain amino acids for bacteria and the RNA of the bacteria in order to cause a cell wall breakdown, which eventually causes the death of the organism. When it is about viruses, the vital Oxide can oxidize the amino acids in order to prevent protein formation, which causes the virus to die.

Vital Oxide can act as a free radical that may seek out and oxidize mold and various other microorganisms, thus disassociating into simple table salt. Not by masking odors, vital Oxide can basically work by oxidation and kills the microbes by chemically altering certain amino acids with sulfur. We are aware that amino acids are building blocks in proteins that help to form the cell walls. The organism dies when the protein is destroyed, and the cell wall ruptures.

During the chemical reaction, an electron is taken on by vital Oxide from amino acids that it reverts back to a chlorite ion. An electron is given by the amino acid, and this is what the chemists call oxidation. With the powerful and safe formulation, it is possible to destroy mold on contact with vital Oxide. In addition to that, mold formation can be prevented by Vital Oxide usage to pre-treat the areas that are susceptible to mildew and mold. Even in the most saturated areas, vital Oxide inhibits sport germination for up to seven months.

Chlorine Dioxide in Vital Oxide

The stabilized CLO2 found in vital Oxide isn’t the same chemical like chlorine. It is worth noting that sodium chloride and chlorine are two completely different substances. Chlorine dioxide is a soluble gas that gives the advantage of penetrating through the biofilm and removing it. This makes it a legitimate mold remover.

Is Vital Oxide toxic?

EPA has rated vital Oxide as a Category 4 (the safest rating that EPA has), and it clearly states that no exposure warnings are required on the label. As chlorine dioxide has successfully been stabilized in it, and this makes it very safe.

Advantages of Vital Oxide

  • Disinfectant

Vital Oxide is 99.99% effective in disinfecting bacteria and has a 5 log kill. It helps remove Staph, Listeria, Salmonella, Mold, and Mildew, and other harmful microorganisms quickly.

  • Safe

On any surface and in any environment, you will find this cleaning detergent to be safe. Therefore, as it is an EPA registered disinfectant, vital Oxide is safe for use in hospitals to kill most viruses and bacteria. It is also NSF registered, which makes it safe to sanitize food processing and other preparation facilities. Many different surfaces and environments that vital Oxide can be applied to include daycares, classrooms, offices, buses, carpets, and much more.

  • Odorless

Another great advantage of vital Oxide that makes it one of the best mobile cleaning solutions is that it is a non-irritating and odorless formula. Moreover, it is able to serve as an odor eliminator for the smells that are worst.

  • Safe for animals

For animal hygiene, vital Oxide can be your best bet to be a clean and efficient disinfectant because it is very safe to be used around animals. You will find it so safe that it has been proven to be very useful on the milking parlor equipment, nipples, buckets, and calf bottles, animal pens, and even the federally inspected meat plants.


When used as a pretreatment, Vital Oxide is able to prevent Stachybotrus for months, and therefore, many people find it impressive. People like this product because tackling biofilms is a big part of preventing and controlling mold. Its users also find the kitchen countertops to be extra shiny, which means that one can get rid of the gunk.

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