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Germ Firm Disinfection Service is a sanitation and sterilization service for homes and businesses . Using EPA registered hospital grade solutions and CDC guidelines with state of the art equipment , like UV light sterilizers and electrostatic sprayers to kill bacteria and viruses such as covid-19 ,H1N1 and Sars.

Germ firm technicians are trained and experience  in all solutions and equipment used to perform all services we offer.

Why use germ firm disinfectant service ?

We use state of the art equipment like ultraviolet light sterilization equipment.

We are IICRC certified.

We are fully insured and licensed

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our services

360 disinfecting service 

Includes a 3 step process which includes

1 Dusting & cleaning

2 Disinfectant fogging

Ask about our 90 day Disinfectant service

Service Tulsa & Surround Communities

Germ Firm Disinfection Service is your go-to source for all disinfection and sanitation services in Tulsa  and Surrounding Communities. Germ Control Services works with commercial and residential entities to keep you and your loved ones safe from diseases by eliminating the spread of infections and bacteria. Our goal is to provide a healthy and germ-free environment for our clients, their clients, and the communities we serve.

Decontamination Service

Decontamination Service

this service is if a positive case of covid-19 is found in your facility. We will decontamination a 4 step process which includes 

1 Dusting & cleaning , 

2 Disinfectant fogging

3 Air Disinfection ( using air scrubber or Hydroxyl    Generator)  and 

4 Ultraviolet surface sterilization

Industry Specific Disinfectant Service

  • Home & Property Managers 
  • Business & Offices 
  • Medical & Healthcare 
  • Daycare & Preschool
  • School & Education
  • Gym &Training Facility 
  • Motel & Hotels 
  • Vehicle & Transportation 

Night Weekend Appointment Available
We Service Tulsa and Surrounding Areas
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